Saturday, May 21, 2011

Full Speed Spring Adventures of Wood Frog

Wood Frog's chin after Sat. May 14th's bike wreck; 7 stitches and lucky as all get out!
Note: Sorry for the lack of text body lately, but hope you enjoy the pictures; its been a busy and productive spring.
The photos are not in chronological order; they're rather random :)

Wood  Frog, baby Paige, and proud papa Chris after completing the Nanticoke River Triathlon in Bivalve, Maryland on May 1st.  Yes, if you can believe it, they now have triathlons for infants, ha ha!

Davinder, Kim, and Keene 10 miles into the Six Pillars Bike Tour on Saturday, May 7th.  I won a bike in a raffle that day, Yay!

Adkins Arboretum gave "Race Day Trees" instead of tee shirts after the 5K.  Note: it has been a very cold spring, hence the post race garb in this picture; it was to friggin cold to stay in my wet running clothes.

The B&A Trail saw Wood Frog trekking along its course on a Tuesday afternoon bike ride.

A college tour for my daughter saw Wood Frog plodding along the banks of Lake Champlain, just outside of Burlington, Vermont.  It was a gorgeous morning.

This early morning ride in Durham, North Carolina provided opportunity for this great shot of the Chapel at Duke University where my niece just graduated.  Christie will play the quarter finals of the NCAA women's lax championship in Florida today.

Easter morning's 45 miler took me to Tilghman Island.

The Rise Up Runner Trial Dawgs crew for 2011: Liz, WF, Kathy, Tuckerman, and Dom.  April 30th.