Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Triple Crown and a Century

The Rise Up Runners crew for the Trail Dawgs Triple Crown Races in Delaware, April 25, 2009

Great things have been happening for me in my “active-life” despite my shoulder injury. Last Saturday I won first place in the Trail Dawgs Triple Crown in my age division. And, yesterday, I completed my first century ride on the bike. Today was the Nanticoke River Triathlon, which I was supposed to be in. Unfortunately, I still am unable to swim. Fortunately, I joined with Joel and “coached” him to his first Tri-experience at Nanticoke. It was a fun day.

First, here’s an update on my shoulder. I am getting some mobility and strength back in my left arm. I’m doing physical therapy. I hope to be able to start swimming again on the first of June. The big question is, “will I be able to swim

Last Saturday started off rocky. I burnt my oatmeal at 4am, then had to leave the unburnt portion in my car as I abandoned Julius on the side of St. Michaels Road. Because a serious accident shut down St. Michaels Road for 3 hours, I had to hike out of the Bloomfield area and get picked up at Doncaster by my
RUR gang.

Once to the race in Delaware Joel, Michael, and Shaun ran the half marathon, while Lori and I attempted the Triple Crown which consists of the half, a 10K, and a 5K. Shaun ran his longest distance ever; and in good time. Joel, Michael, Shaun, and I were all in the upper quarter of the 200-plus finishers. Lori won her age group for the triple. Both Liz and Robin arrived later and completed the 10K.
Me struggling to the finish of the second leg (10K) of the Triple Crown. Whew, I was tired!

Though I had a 35 minute rest after the half, I still managed to miss the start of the 10K because I was sitting behind the car relaxing. There was not another 10K runner is sight when I started. I had to feel my way into the woods where I came across a few runners, then the game was on. I caught up to Robin first, then Lori, then Liz. It was a tough run because I went at the half too fast; I was beat already. Near the end of our run we passed the 5K runners coming from the other direction, who had been wrongly started 15 minutes early. Lori and I were supposed to be in THAT 5k start. Ugg. Despite all that Lori and I placed; hooray!

Running the trails in White Clay State Park is so much fun. There is a major creek crossing at knee height, as well as, hills, wooded single track, unmaintained wooded single track, pasture trails, and more hills. All five of us got some degree of poison ivy on our left legs (potent little branch). I wonder if all 200 half marathon runners got PI?
Part of the century course of the Six Pillars Ride had us traversing the Transquaking River Bridge near Bespitch, Maryland. This bridge was only wide enough for one narrow automobile. The heads of the nails in the wooden planking were sitting up an inch. Photo from James T McArdle's photo stream.

Character Counts of Talbot County ran their inaugural
Six Pillars Ride in Dorchester County yesterday. Under mostly cloudy and drizzly skies riders biked a 10, 30, 56, or 100 mile course. The century course took riders through Blackwater, Bespitch, and Elliots Island. It was an awesome course with very little traffic. The 50-mile-mark dog attack was scary for me. I actually had to come to a complete stop and was caught with my right foot clipped in as fell to the right. Luckily a mailbox broke my fall as a huge boxer-like dog and his 3 cohorts kept me hostage until the owner waddled out to the road to get the situation under hand. I said, “Is it safe?” and he said, “Huh?” I said, “Is it safe to go, now?” “I guess so?” This ride was a great confidence builder for the Vermont 200 ride Landy and I are doing in June.

Many of my friends participated today in the 3 mile swim and triathlon in Bivalve. You may remember my write-up last year of this race, as it was
my very first triathlon. Though cloudy and cool, this year’s experience was wonderful for all, except maybe Dan who did not like getting beat up in the swimming frenzy. I think he felt violated. Ha-ha. Dan totally rocked this tri with a time under 1:20. Joel did his first Tri with great speed, too, even though he had the world’s longest transition, lol. Joel’s favorite part of the event was when he passed thirty people on the run (you make us runners very proud, ddp). I was happy to be there taking pictures, helping with the event, and supporting my friends. This second running of the Nanticoke River Swim and Triathlon was highly successful.

That’s pretty much the nuts and bolts of what’s been happening in my “active” world lately. I will continue to heal my shoulder in the hopes to be back in the water swimming soon. In the meantime I hope everyone loves, swims, rides, runs, and appreciates all that is good in life ~ Michael